Chipstomp assembly – Analogue side

Fully assembled and working Chipstomp

Fully assembled and working Chipstomp

It’s done.  I’ve assembled the analogue side of the Chipstomp and finally have a fully working device.  There were no errors to fix this time which was a nice surprise.  Just lots of fiddly 0805 surface mount components to place.

I’ve made a quick video of the project to demonstrate what it can do.


8 thoughts on “Chipstomp assembly – Analogue side

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  2. Hi,

    Nice project, original found the page as trying to access the quality of DirtyPCBs, but found myself watching the Chipstomp video. I don’t know a great deal about audio projects as not my area, however the projects seems to come nicely together, producing some nice effects.

    I take it your happy with the PCB service?

    Keep up the good work,


    • Hi Ant,
      Thanks for the comment.
      The quality of the DirtyPCB boards is as good as that of Seeed or Itead with a slightly better price due the free shipping and the bonus of some nice solder mask colour choices. So all round, yes, very happy.

      • Hi

        Thank you very much from your answer my friend.
        I’m waiting.
        How nice would it be to create the effect you describe.

        best regard.

    • HI,
      Great project, huge effort there.

      I was wondering and have the following questions if you can answer them:
      1- Shouldnt be the bootloader program copied to the flash memory instead of directly to PIC32 – CPU ?
      2- The project have anorher files like (Effects codes, GUI files, where they are stored in the PCB?


      • Hi. Everything is over in the Github repo. The bootloader needs to be programmed to the PIC first using a PICKIT or similar and all the effects and GUI code is there for you to see in the Source/Chipstomp folder

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