Engine pod for VTOL

I’ve been playing with this shape for a while. It’s supposed to be one of a number of engine pods for some sort of larger VTOL craft. They mount at each corner and swivel to allow the ship to maneuver. I’ve not got enough Lego to build the whole thing so I’ll have to be content with just building the engine pods for now…

Mini Lego Millennium Falcon

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I’ve was playing with Lego Digital Designer and almost accidentally found myself making a mini Millennium Falcon when I happend to drop two wing parts next to a couple of 3×3 rounded corners. Unfortunately I don’t actually own the necessary parts to build it in real life. I’m not certain if it’s that stable as there’s not much holding the middle of it together.

But anyway that’s a good excuse to buy some more parts from bricklink!

The LXF file is here if you are interested. If you build it, let me know and send me a photo.