What do you get if you cross a Tobo with a Billy?

A new TV unit! It's a hybrid of an IKEA Tobo, a bit of Billy and some pine boards.

We’ve been telling ourselves that we’re going to get a new TV for a couple of years and we finally did it.  We’re now all super funky flat-screened, just like the popular kids are doing!

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Using Google SketchUp to test room layouts

I’ve been using Google SketchUp recently and I’m really impressed with how easy it is to use. It also produces great render image for illustrating building projects.

Our new living room

Our new living room.

We’re moving house soon, fingers crossed.  The license is finally here and the now builder is cracking on with the works. It’s a long, long story… But now finally a year after we bought the place we can really start to wonder what it might be like to live there.

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