Drum machine version 3.1 (Circa June 2019)

I haven’t worked on my Drum machine for a long time. So in order that I don’t forget what I did I’m writing it down

I really liked the look of those backlit silicone button sequencers you see all over the place – such as this Adafuit Trellis kit – and wanted to try using them with my drum machine. So I ordered a bunch of them and broke out Eagle CAD

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Measure, print, measure, print again

Just a quick photo of some of the many earlier revisions of the different parts of my quick-release mechanism for the Logitech G920.

Each one is a different revision with slightly adjusted dimensions to get a better fit. Some of the parts were deliberately stopped mid-print once I had enough printed out for the test fit I needed. This saves a lot of time.

At the back are some tests of the threads. I orginally went for a two part ring but simplified it later on to a single part. The threads in Fusion360 need to be manually adjusted to allow a decent amount of clearance. The exact amount depends on your printer and the filiment that you’re using. I used this tutorial as a guide

Logitech G920 quick release

I recently bought myself a Logitech G920 Racing wheel it’s great fun for a bit of Dirt Rally but storing it afterwards is a bit tricky because of it’s akward shape.

So I thought I’d have a go at making a quick release mechanism to allow the wheel to detach from the base unit. At least that way I’d have two slightly smaller things to find a place for rather than one massive, heavy and akwardly shaped one.

What is that and why is it so dusty?
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