Quick post about the DSO Nano

DSO Nano (Image taken from Seeedstudio.)

A friend asked me about the oscilloscope I was using in my last post, you can see it in the very poor quality video at the end of the post. So I thought I’d make a quick post to explain.  It’s called the DSO Nano, it’s sold by Seeedstudio and the short of it is that it’s a fantastic tool for a great price.  It is limited in bandwidth, and has only one channel but I love it all the same.   It has around 1MHz of analog bandwidth which is admittedly quite low – giving a useable working limit to signals of around 100KHz – but that is more than enough for audio and fine for just about everything I’ve been doing such as debugging my PWM output from my LED fader.

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Electronics suppliers

Component storage boxesI’ve added a short list of some of my favorite electronics suppliers so I don’t forget who they are… It’s not supposed to be exhaustive or finite, just some of the ones I’ve used a lot in the past and had good experiences with.
The list is here