I’ve abandonded the idea of putting projects into thier own pages (at least for now anyway).

You can still find all the old project pages but for now I’ll be posting new stuff as normal blog posts with a relevant tag to keep them organised.


My drum machine project… seems to last for ever…

My LED lighthouse circuit has proved quite popular.  It’s a development of the police lantern below.

PIC12f683 based LED PWM controller.


LEGO LED based rotating police beacon.


Analogue LED clock


One thought on “Projects

  1. Hi all ‘
    Hoping I’m not too much of a nuisance ‘and that the following request would be something Cat Macey would consider .

    I’m making a model lighthouse for my Grandson . I’m a retired joiner by trade so making the lighthouse body itself is not a problem . My main concern was finding the best effective light set up ‘ but luckily I’ve stumbled across your brilliant LED set up . I have zero knowledge of electronics ‘so the final lighting effect will rest solely in the hands of your good selves LOL . I have a borosilicate glass dome which I intend to use as the lighthouse lens . The ID of the dome is 75mm with 2mm wall thickness and height of 100mm ‘so it’s quite a chunky bit of glass .My idea is to house the glass dome within a brass framed type cage with a brass/copper domed roof .The whole cage and glass dome will be fitted to a wooden platform at the top of the lighthouse and provision made to remove the dome to gain access to the lighting arrangement . I’m hoping that your LED unit will fit neatly inside the glass dome ‘and being set at the correct height will provide the most effective lighthouse beams . I haven’t decided YET which power source to adopt . I was hoping that your expertise would offer guidance and advise as to which might be the better approach for the complete ” Gizmo “. Please let me know if you would consider supplying this item and if so please advise as to availability and cost . If you require any further details please feel free to ask away . THANK YOU

    Kind Regards

    Tony Ellison — Hartlepool –UK

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