What do you get if you cross a Tobo with a Billy?

A new TV unit! It's a hybrid of an IKEA Tobo, a bit of Billy and some pine boards.

We’ve been telling ourselves that we’re going to get a new TV for a couple of years and we finally did it.  We’re now all super funky flat-screened, just like the popular kids are doing!

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Just finished watching the first series of Dexter

Last night we finished watching the last two episodes of series one of Dexter.

It’s one of those shows you have to watch in batches of two as one hour is just not enough. It’s hard not to just watch it all in one go!   It’s been our Friday night staple for the past month or two after we finished series three of the Wire. Series 4 of the Wire is out soon on DVD…

Can’t wait for series two.