Chipstomp PCBs have arrived from

My PCBs arrived from today and they look pretty good! I’m hoping to find a bit of time this weekend to assemble one. Lets hope that I got my footprints right…

Here they are fresh out of the bag.

ChipStomp version 1 PCBs fresh out of the bag from China.

A higher resolution photo (3069×2456px 1.4Mb)

Breakout board for Nokia 1202 LCD

I’ve been using Nokia 5110 LCD screens for a while now they’re 84x48px have a built-in back-light and are really easy to use and quite cheap.  Recently though whilst working on my drum machine I found myself wishing for a few more pixels.  I want to show a “pattern view” of 16 tracks with 16 steps plus some additional information and 84×48 was getting too tight.


This isn’t a Nokia1202, this is a Sparkfun Nokia 5110 breakout

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Charlieplexed lighthouse version 2 PCBs have arrived

A long exposure makes it look quite funky

My version two charlieplexed lighthouse circuit PCBs (charliediscs) have arrived back from the Seeedstudio’s fab. I used the same deal as for my last boards, this time it took around 3 weeks in total.  That’s pretty good for 20USD!

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How to make printed circuit boards at home.

pcbicon2.jpgI’ve added a guide on how I make printed circuit boards at home without any special tools using the toner transfer technique and pages cut from magazines.

This is based on experience and information gleaned from reading just about every other guide I could find. I’ve included loads of photos as in this case I think they’re definitely worth a 1000 words.

My guide on making PCBs