Schematics for the Chipstomp

Here are the schematics for the Chipstomp.
I’ve tried to keep as much compatibility with the original DP32 circuit but I have removed superfluous elements such as the on-board potentiometer and one of the user leds. I’ve also added an additional tactile button, the OLED and resistor mixed Stereo to Mono input/outputs.
Other than that it’s essentially just a joining of the ChipKit DP32 with the Stomp Shield.
ChipStomp v1 (PDF 90Kb)Eagle CAD schematic – Zipped (88Kb)

Schematic v1

Chipstomp version 1 schematic PNG (2300×1500px, 80Kb)

2 thoughts on “Schematics for the Chipstomp

  1. Hi. Your project is very inspiring for me. I have a similar project in my mind !
    Have I have some questions that will help me :
    – You use the 10 bits ADC of the PIC. Is the quality OK ? Everywhere I read that 16 bits is required for music. What do you think ?
    – On you schematics, at the bottom (analogue audio input and output), they are for groups of “MT” linked to the GND. What is it ?

    Using 2 8 bits PWM outputs to create 1 16 bits… genius !

    I hope you’ll keep updating you site, it’s on my bookmark now !


  2. Hi Max,
    The MT connections are the Metal Tabs on the Potentiometers. They should be grounded.
    10bits of ADC isn’t hi-fi but it sounds surprizingly good.
    An option it to run the ADC faster and average the results (oversampling) which could gain 2 bits of resolution but I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

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