Single Inline Breakout for 44pin TQFP package PIC32MX170F256D

Here it is in use with straight pins. Sorry about the crappy photo

This is a think I made a few years ago. It’s a very simple breakout board with just enough to make working with a 44pin TQFP package easier in a breadboard. Most breakouts for TQFP packages are square and have pins on all edges. This one only has pins on a single edge. It has a reset circuit and the standard decoupling caps but nothing else. It doesn’t even have a voltage regulator.

The intention is that you can use straight pins to lay it flat or right-angle pins to drop it in vertically like an old SDRAM SIMM

Eagle CAD board and schematic are available to download in GitHub


3 thoughts on “Single Inline Breakout for 44pin TQFP package PIC32MX170F256D

    • Cheers! Nice to hear from you again! I’m taking some time to document some of the things I’ve worked on over the past few years. Mostly to remind myself of all my dead-ends but I hope it might be interesting for others too.

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