Video update on Drum-machine progress

Here’s a video update on where I am with my Drum-machine project. In the past few months I’ve implemented a fair few new features and sorted out some long standing bugs.

  • A new menu mode using the joystick to navigate.
  • Added control over the LCD Backlight.
  • Added a simple Reverb mode.
  • New LCD driver code to render graphics to a buffer and squirt it out to the LCD via 9bit SPI.
  • Includes a basic graphics library with some widgets to make creating screens easier.
  • Fixed an odd issue with LED’s flashing out of sequence. I had my MAX6957 ports all out or order.
  • Added RUN LED flashing to every 4th beat.
  • Implemented loading and saving to one of 16 JSON files on the SD card.
  • Added a Tuning mode to allow you to individually set the volume and adjust the playback rate of each instrument/sample.

4 thoughts on “Video update on Drum-machine progress

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  2. hello there and great work on the drum machine
    really nice job and looks lots of fun too

    i would like to suggest you involve an encoder for menu surfing
    but also more importantly for value changes
    ideally with a speed vs resolution feature – meaning the faster you turn the blunter the increment changes and the slower the finer
    (and perhaps a small fader for things one might like to change quickly – volume being a classic)

    from many years of electronic instrument use – synths and drum machines and fx units etc i can sure you that you and anyone else who gets to use it will be glad it has one (at least one and / or faders)
    buttons presses really slow down parameter changes but also are fatiguing – albeit incredibly mildly but it does still detract from the creative moment

    if you have a look at whats going on at NAMM 2015 right now you’ll notice ‘analog’ synths making a massive comeback
    whilst notionally this is about the sound it also has a lot to do with ‘immediacy’ of control
    and the last several years have seen a return towards what the press calls “….the knobbier the better..”

    anyway – none of that is meant to detract from your work in any way – and in fact i would probably be interested in buying one

    so i will leave you with my first thought
    great work and good luck with your continuing progress

    • Hi Ade,
      I’m sure you could make a drum machine using a PIC16 or 18 but this particular project isn’t going to work for you without some significant modifications.

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