Quick post about the DSO Nano

DSO Nano (Image taken from Seeedstudio.)

A friend asked me about the oscilloscope I was using in my last post, you can see it in the very poor quality video at the end of the post. So I thought I’d make a quick post to explain.  It’s called the DSO Nano, it’s sold by Seeedstudio and the short of it is that it’s a fantastic tool for a great price.  It is limited in bandwidth, and has only one channel but I love it all the same.   It has around 1MHz of analog bandwidth which is admittedly quite low – giving a useable working limit to signals of around 100KHz – but that is more than enough for audio and fine for just about everything I’ve been doing such as debugging my PWM output from my LED fader.

If you want more details there’s a nice review here at JustBlair’s site.

Seeed are currently selling a newer updated version (the DSO Nano v2) that has a nicer case and a better charging circuit but is essentially the same bit of kit.  Plus there’s work afoot for a really cool looking two channel higher frequency model called the DSO Quad, if the price range is similar then I’m definitely getting one!

Whilst you’re at the Seeed site have a look of some of the other stuff they have.  There are come really nice bits and bobs including the excellent Bus Pirate (it can talk i2c, SPI etc) and the great Open Workbench Logic Sniffer (16 channel logic analyser) both by Dangerous Prototypes.

With those three tools you have just about all you need for some decent hobby level electronics fiddling.

Things to note.  If like me you have an older version of the DSO Nano there are newer firmwares that significantly improve the user interface. I belive the new version of the Nano ships with with the latest version.

Also the Bus Pirate and OWLS are both under heavy development so there are new firmwares being release fairly frequently for them too.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re both fully functional and very useful as they are, they’re just getting even better with every revision.

So there you go, a kind of infomercial…

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