Finally got it working!

Working prototype. The DIP switches are used to isolate the ICSP clk and dat pins when programming. Only two LED are actually lit at any one time but due to the exposure time of this shot it looks like loads of them are power up.

After about a day of messing about I finally managed to program the damned thing using ICSP rather than pulling the PIC each time.

Schematics lie! Especially when you draw them yourself. Guess what. Pin 5 of the PIC12f683 isn’t the ICSP clock line… Pin 6 is! Ah! Well there’s a lesson learned the hard way. Next time I’ll be more diligent when drafting things out in Eagle.

Here’s a quick video of the thing in action. It’s a bit fast for a lighthouse, more like a beacon. I’ll slow it down and maybe add a potentiometer to allow speed changes later on. I deliberately chose the input pin to be GPIO 4 as it’s one of the IO pins that is multiplexed with the analog to digital converter.

Apologies for the manky looking video, it’s hard to get
the camera to work well in low light conditions.

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