Cool Barcelona traditions

Walking home tonight I came across another example of one of Barcelona’s finest traditions (maybe all of Spain, I don’t know). I’m talking about the age old tradition of putting old stuff you don’t want out on the street for others to pick over.

It’s kind of like a more civilized form of skip diving without the climbing into skips part.

Anything that’s not picked up by someone like me is picked up by the Doozers who clean the street every night. It works quite well really.

Anyway, what I found tonight was this.

Epson 1520 in all it’s dusty glory.

It might even work, but to be honest I don’t care, I’m after the good bits inside. Printers like this contain a great source electronics and mechanical parts; stepper motors (normally 2), IR limit switches, various connectors and usually a flexi cable of some sort, heatsinks and switches not to mention some really nice bearings, drive screws and toothed drive belts.

They’re also great fun to take apart. Something I’ve been doing since childhood. (Sorry Mum & Dad)

If anyone reads this and cringes, I feel for you, I remember working at an architects years ago and getting very excited when we first bought the exact same model for around 1000 pounds! We have a newer model at work that cost us around 800 euro. These things aren’t cheap, but I’ve also had enough experience with old and dusty ink jets to know when to resign the things to the bin!

Oh and if anyone reads this and wants a specific part then say so, but hurry as Ruth has special time limits about how long things like this can remain in the apartment.
I think I’m over estimating my audience numbers here… :o)

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